Call for Papers
EPA invites previously unpublished papers and quality articles that fall within its scope. We are especially interested in survey articles that present the European state-of-the-art for major theoretical or practical concepts of policy analysis such as “Institutions”, “Policy Learning”, “Evaluation”, “Policy Advice”, “Advocacy Coalition Framework in the European Context”, “Multiple Streams Approach in the European Context”, “Punctuated Equilibrium Theory in the European Context”, “Programmatic Actors”, “Actor-centered Institutionalism”, “Multi-Level Policy-Making in the European Context” and other similar contributions. We also invite overviews on regional perspectives on public policy in Europe ranging from country reports (e.g. “Policy Analysis in France”, “Policy Analysis in Russia”, “Policy Analysis in Slovenia”) to regional ones (e.g., Policy Analysis in the Baltic Countries”) and similar contributions.
Deadlines for papers to appear in No. 1/2016 is 31st December 2015. Please send your proposals to For more information, please call +49 (0)531 391 8900.