RC32 panels at IPSA Congress

The Argumentative Turn Revisited: Public Policy as Communicative Practice (Convenor: Philippe Zittoun)

Categories, concepts and the analysis of governing (Hal Colebatch)

Challenges of underdevelopment and strategies for change (co-sponsored with RC30) (Godwin Onu/Hal Colebatch)

Comparative governance and public administration education (Ivan Kopric)

Discourses, practices and identities in the construction of policy (Hal Colebatch)

Electronic Administration: Innovations in Government-Citizen Relations (co-sponsored with RC10) (Stéphanie Wojcik)

Governance, metagovernance and the state (co-sponsored with RC31) (Paul Fawcett)

Making it Official: organising governing (Hal Colebatch)

Making it official: organising involvement (Hal Colebatch)

Making it Official: cases and explorations (Hal Colebatch)

Patient empowerment and democratic policy: political challenges and theoretical isues (co-sponsored with RC25) (Fabrizio Cantelli/Hal Colebatch)

Policy Advice and Policy Work (I): System and Configurations Thereof (Co-Sponsored with RC30) (John Turnpenny

Policy Advice and Policy Work (II): Actors and Institutions involved in Analysis in Government and Society (Co-sponsored with RC30) (Hal Colebatch)

Policy Advice and Policy Work (III): Process, Content and Impact (Co-Sponsored with RC30) (Bryan Evans)

Policy Processes as Politics - I (Co-sponsored RC 30 with RC32) (Philippe Zittoun)

Policy Processes as Politics - II (Co-sponsored RC30 and RC 32) (Philippe Zittoun)

Provision of Public Services: Between State, Local Government and Market (co-sponsored with RC05) (Hellmut Wollmann)

Provision of Public Services: From public/municipal delivery to privatization (and reverse to „re-municipalisation“?)(co-sponsored with RC05) (Hellmut Wollmann)

Public policy development in post-communist countries: problems and decisions (Alexander Sungurov)

Speaking truth to power? Critical perspectives on evidence-based policy making (Pekka Kettunen)

System dynamics and strategies of change (co-sponsored with RC30 (Godwin Onu/Hal Colebatch)

The Politics of Rural Policy Making (Troy Whitford)

The rescaling of environmental governance (Jens Newig)

The paper titles and abstracts can be found on the IPSA website (www.ipsa.org -> Madrid Congress -> list of panels -> RC32).