The Spring School



The pressing faced by contemporary Europe include uneasy questions concerning ethnic and religious identity, which have been exasperated due to recent global unrest. The subject of human rights has never been more important than it is now, both on the European continent and worldwide. The burning question challenging the universality of Human Rights through the pretext of the religious identity and autonomy also needs to be examined in this context.


This course will focus on the protection of human rights in Europe, in particular the freedoms of assembly and expression, the idea of religious freedom and identity, and the fine line between cultural and religious freedom in the larger context of freedom of conscience. The course will examine in detail the convergence of various layers of identity with the Meta identity of citizenship in a given space both at the national and the global level.


A highly qualified team of international scholars will address the subject of human rights rooted in the European context and examine the challenges that affect the populations around the globe. The idea of identity and the embedded mix of religiosity aligned with expressions of traditional religious values generate the critical challenges for scholars and policy makers worldwide. Through the analysis of Council of Europe activities and European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) case law, participants will obtain a deep understanding of the common values shared by European countries. Participants will also discuss the diverse practices of the implementing ECHR rulings in different countries.


This weeklong academic journey is not only an opportunity to gain very topical understanding of human rights in the context of identity and religious freedom through working with acclaimed scholars, but also a chance to earn a certificate validated by three international institutes. Participants will be hosted by the Higher School of Economics, and during programme a series of cultural events will reinforce the importance of cultural diversity in regards to the very natural need for freedom of consciousness, identity and religion.


Teaching staff

Nina Belyaeva (HSE co-director of the School)

Marco Balboni (UniBo co-director of the School)

Jean-Paul Costa (IIHR, co-director of the School)

Carmelo Danisi, Michel de Salvia, Sanjay Kumar Rajhans,

Mahama Tawat, Iftikhar Lodhi, Dmitry Zaytsev, Sergey Parkhomenko


Application form deadline: March 21, 2016

Selection of students until March 23


Organizational fee payment absolute deadline - March 31

Early Bird - by March 15 - 370 Euro

After March 15 - 400 Euro


The payment is for 3 ECTS credits, which are comprised by 38 contact hours + 76 hours of independent student work. (114 study hours in total)

Participants will also be provided with reading materials for the School, accommodation and transport to the venue and back.

Invitations for visas will be sent no later than one month before school beginning


Contact us:


Programme coordinator: Sanjay Kumar Rajhans

Mobile phone: +79175678231


Administrative coordinator: Dmitry Zaytsev

Mobile phone: +79167171035