The congress will bring together academics and practitioners, PhD students and young researchers in public administration and management, as well as contributors from any other disciplines who will exchange on the following main theme Building Capacity for Sustainable Governance.
Different types of Call for papers will be proposed to you:
Call for papers – Workshop sessions prepared based on three subthemes:
1.        Strategic Visions and Priorities for Sustainable Governance;
2.        Building modern legal, institutional, and organizational governance systems;
3.        Building public service human and financial resources capacity.  
Call for papers of the nine IASIA working groups:
1.        Education and Training in Public Administration
2.        Public Sector Ethics & Culture
3.        Public Sector Reform
4.        Subnational Governance and Development
5.        Gender, Diversity and Equity,
6.        Public Sector Leadership & Governance,
7.        Public Policy, Public Decision-making and Policy Implementation
8.        Public Sector Human Resources Management
9.        International Dimensions of Public Administration
Open call:
For authors who wish to submit an abstract or organize a session with a topic that they believe do not fit under a programmed session
The congress website is available through the link