The APSA Research Group on Policy Studies was formed in 2014 to promote public policy research in Australia. There is a very strong tradition of public policy scholarship in Australian political science and Australian researchers are making an important contribution to the growth of the field internationally. The Research Group seeks to raise the profile of public policy scholarship and to increase the influence of public policy scholars in policy debate by providing a focus for public policy research within APSA. It also seeks to promote discussion about the nature and methods of public policy as a field of research. As part of its activities, the Policy Studies Research Group runs a thematic stream at the annual APSA conference and organises special panels. Group members also have opportunities to organise additional special workshops and other similar events. The research group complements the existing Public Policy Network (PPN), whose annual conference has been a regular summer event for over two decades, by adding a more formal voice within the APSA organisational structure to support what has been a successful but informal arrangement. Anyone with an interest in the theory or practice of public policy making is invited to join. In particular, we welcome the involvement of post-graduate students and early career researchers. If you wish to be placed on the group’s mailing list to receive news about upcoming events and recent publications please contact: You can also join the APSA Policy Studies Research Group on LinkedIn. The group is convened by: Linda Botterill: Hal Colebatch: Alan Fenna: Jack Corbett: If you have any questions about the group please do not hesitate to contact us.