New Issue Risk, Hazards & Crisis in Public Policy


Managing Risk through Liability, Regulation, and Innovation: Organizational Design for Spill Containment in Deepwater Drilling Operations

Nathan D. Richardson, Molly Macauley, Mark A. Cohen, Robert Anderson, and Adam Stern

What’s Your “Position” on Nuclear Power? An Exploration of Conflict in Stakeholder Participation for Decision-making about Risky Technologies

Anneliese Poetz

Opportunities and Challenges of Incorporating Climate Change Threats into Disaster Risk Management Planning: A Case Study in Costa Rica

Tsuneki Hori and Rajib Shaw

School District Partner Choice in Emergency Management Collaboration

Scott E. Robinson

Assessment of an Emergency Disaster Response to Floods in Agadez, Niger

John A. Freeman and Graham A. Tobin

Climate Disaster Resilience of Dhaka City Corporation: An Empirical Assessment at Zone Level

Gulsan Ara Parvin and Rajib Shaw

Response or Comment

Assumptions Can Kill

Lucien G. Canton


Proceedings of the PSO, New Series no. 14