Special Issue of of German Policy Studies on “European Labour Market Policies after the Lisbon Process – Results and Consequence”, edited by Florian Blank and Karin Schulze Buschoff.


Introduction: European Labour Market Policies after the Lisbon Process – Results and Consequences

Florian Blank and Karin Schulze Buschoff

The European Employment Strategy: Assessing the Status Quo

J. Timo Weishaupt and Katja Lack

What Difference Does it Make? The Outcome Effects of the European Employment Strategy on the Transition from Education to Work

Christian Brzinsky-Fay

Incoherent Strategies – Fragmented Outcomes: Raising Women’s Employment Rate in Germany

Sigrid Betzelt and Silke Bothfeld

The Transition from Work to Retirement

Werner Eichhorst

Transition from Unemployment to Work and the Role of Active Labour Market Policies during the Lisbon Strategy Period and the Economic Crisis

Janine Leschke

Non-Standard Employment in Europe: Its Development and Consequences for the European Employment Strategy

Günther Schmid

Labour Market Politics through Jurisprudence: The Influence of the Judgements of the European Court of Justice (Viking, Laval, Rüffert, Luxembourg) on Labour Market Policies

Reingard Zimmer

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