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Dennis R. Young

A Journal of Nonprofit Policy

Dennis R. Young

Policy Challenges in Light of the Emerging Phenomenon of Social Businesses

Benjamin Gidron

Foundation Strategy for Social Impact: A System Change Perspective

James M. Ferris and Nicolas Williams

Voice-In, Voice-Out: Constituent Participation and Nonprofit Advocacy

Chao Guo and Gregory D. Saxton

Public Private Partnership between Local Governments and Nonprofits in Japan

Naoko Okuyama, Yu Ishida, and Naoto Yamauchi


An Interview with Ambassador Andrew Young

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Nonprofit Policy Forum (NPF) provides academics, policy-makers, and nonprofit leaders access to the information they require in a form relevant to their scholarly, professional, and organizational needs. NPF responds to the direct concerns of nonprofit policy-makers and policy advocates. Through the thinking, experience, and the advice of its editorial and policy board members, NPF (1) identifies and frames nonprofit policy issues in a concise and responsive way, (2) provides essential information to public and private organizations, and (3) is particularly pertinent to the fast growing nonprofit sector. No other public policy or nonprofit-related journal focuses on the nexus of public policy and the nonprofit sector. Nonprofit Policy Forum is an international journal that seeks to contribute to the development of the field of nonprofit related policy research, more clearly define the role of the sector in the policy and advocacy process, and build a stronger research base on public policy and nonprofit organizations. Our goal is to develop a critical mass of research that examines the role of nonprofits in shaping public policy and the impact of public policies on the nonprofit sector.